Monday, April 21, 2008

a daunting feeling

I was sitting in class today, and this professor likes to bring his guitar and sing in class. He also happens to be my favorite professor. As he was singing old Civil War tunes, it dawned on me that I probably won't ever hear him sing again. I also only have 2 more times on campus before I graduate. As I filed out of class & walked across campus (after talking to my other favorite professor, the one actually accountable for helping me graduate this semester), I almost cried. I'm almost crying now as I write this....almost...there, now I'm crying.
I know graduation is supposed to be happy and a celebration, but I didn't think I would feel like this. It's really scary to be graduating & really sad. Being a student AT Peru, not just anywhere, is what I've identified with. Occupation: student. How many times have I put that on forms in the past 4 years? In the past 17 years? I just realized that I will only sit in those desks in that classroom in that building at that school TWO more times. I'm really sad to leave because Peru really has been my home (not even my home away from home but my real home) for the past 4 years.
I know I have a huge and fulfilling life ahead of me doing whatever God wants and staying home with Moose, but I'm really sad. Sometimes life changes too fast.

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David said...

Its such a crazy shock at first, but life is less stressful with working and not having tests etc. Unless of course you work for a place with tons of deadlines :P

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