Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the best ordinary day!

How is it that an ordinary day can be perfect? We haven't done anything extraordinary (except chase a SIGNED check that was taken from my purse by the wind down the highway through town!) today. Breakfast (him: baby food, finger food, bottle; me: Slim Fast & a piece of gum) was normal. We took a nice long nap (him: in his crib; me: in my bed in our nice, clean spring-y sheets). It's just been wonderful. We took a trip to the bank to see Mrs. Spiderlegs (when the wind came up and we got to look like morons for awhile). We stopped by Sunmart to pick up Doritos for graduation (2/$4...not the best but the best you can get these days) and some Slim Fast (yes, I'm doing SlimFast....I like the taste & it's helped me lose weight already; I'm hoping for 10-20 more pounds initially). Lunch was the same as breakfast. And now he's just crawling around being cute. He's standing on his own better, pushing up on things to stand...omg way cute...kind of scary since he falls all the time. I'm waiting for him to fall on a corner of furniture, bust his eye open, & make an ER trip. He's sitting on my lap, eating the cords to the blinds (he looks like a puppy when he does that). OK, instead of wasting away this beautiful day watching movies, I think I'll take bubba on a walk.


Kathy said...

I think the ordinary nice days are somtimes the best kind of days to have!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that i got to be part of your best ordinary day!!

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