Friday, March 28, 2008

weight control/exercise/body issues

Big A worked at a fundraiser last night until 11. After he came home, we got into a fight. Basically (like most times) I just overreacted and got mad. Anyway, after we discussed that stuff, we got to talking about working out. Right now after work, A works out at the JCC high school with his friend Caveman. Good time to spend with Caveman for him. However, when I work out, I have to work out with Moose. Which means when he wants and for how long he wants. I'm not going to keep walking or dancing or whatever when he's bawling his eyes out. Makes exercise more stressful than it already is.
I just don't feel like I'm ever going to lose weight. According to the scale as of yesterday, I GAINED more 4-5 pounds. I don't understand how that is when I've cut down my snacking drastically, cut down all of my portions at mealtime, and actually fit into my least a pair of jeans I own. It's very hard for me not to be a pessimist. But I don't see results like I want so the 20-30 pounds I'd like to lose seem impossible, especially when I look at my overall goal of 40-50 pounds. A says (and I know) that I should place it in God's hands. I know this and I talk to God about it. But it still looks hopeless. I don't know. I'm going to pray about it and do my best and my hardest. We worked it out where when A comes home, I'll work out for about an hour while he showers and bathes Moose and finishes making supper. I'm also going to work out like Thursday-Monday instead of Monday-Friday; I'll have plenty of time (theoretically) on weekends to work out without losing on precious family time.


Anonymous said...

yeah i could for sure squeeze you in some evening. let me know when you have some time that we can talk, maybe anthony can watch the baby and you can just focus on whatever you need to say???

Ryan said...

I've gained about 20 pounds since moving here and its sooo hard for me to find the time to do anything about it.. so I cant imagine how hard it is with a kid! Aye karamba!

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