Thursday, March 6, 2008

not-so-spring break

As I write this, 3 robins are playing outside the window. A good sign of spring, for sure, but when will this coldness stop? I'm ready to go for walks outside. I'm ready to play at the park! Saturday was a nice tease & we took advantage of it, playing at a park in F-town.
Yes, although no one noticed (which is fine, I'm joking), I was out of town for the past week. Big A had to work in F-town, so Moose & I tagged along, staying in the spare house of the guy he was cutting trees for. Yeah, who has a spare house? Needless to say, he's a doctor who comes from a rich family.
It was really nice to get away with no computer. I didn't need my phone except to call my mom and Big A, either. Really, for Moose & I it was a new day in a new house, but that's all. We still just hung out.
But this house was out in the country by a field & a sort of pond. So there were geese galore and ducks and deer. One day there were 11 deer outside. Moose & I scared some ducks from the pond so he would pay attention to them. It was so cool to watch his face just stare at the him think about them.
I can't wait until he starts walking and we can really go explore! The whole world looks different to a baby than to us. It's all new and beautiful and scary and interesting. They look at carpet even with the biggest fascination.
We are glad to be back. Aside from sleeping on a full-sized bed, it's just nice to be among the familiar.
Moose & I also had a meeting/interview with the director of the Wyoming camp. We talked, shared our testimonies and our walks. Basically, the director (D) said they would love to have us out there, it's just a matter of what God wants. Right now we're waiting to hear from the Forest Service and there's another job in Idaho Big A's applying for. So really it's just a matter of God closing doors and leaving others open. We'd like to start planning on moving soon and/or raising support (if we go to the camp). I think the camp sounds great bc Moose & I could be as involved as we want. We could be at the camp whenever, help with whatever.
So, if you want to pray for us (and we'd always appreciate it), pray that God would show us the way He wants us to go. Ask for open doors and closed doors so we don't misunderstand. As for the bravery to move (or stay, as the case may go).
But I'm glad we got away. I'm glad to be home. I'll be glad to talk to my friends (and my best friend) again. There's no place like home.


Anonymous said...

hey dear. got your message, haven't called you back yet. Yes, Kim had her baby--Kinley Mae Petsch born monday at 12:25 pm or so and was TINY 6 lb 3 oz 19 in long. so precious. (C-section in case i havent told you)

I'm doing okay, my sinuses are going crazy because of the weather...thats why i didn't call to come over for lunch, (not because i think i'd get you guys sick) but because i have to save my lunch break to go to the doctors. Its just my normal sinus issues but i need meds pretty bad i think. Stupid weather i'm ready for summer.

anyway other than that i'm okay. glad you enjoy my posts. most of the time i dont expect anybody reads them---its nice to know you do! Love you a lot, i'll talk to my hubby and maybe we could hang out tonight? That would be wonderiffic!

Anonymous said...

i guess i was j/k about us coming over. I'm sick and contageous :( Sad news. just got back from the doctor. After 24 hours on my meds I am good to go though!!! Which is good because we're going up to kims this weekend! anyway love you ttyl!

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