Sunday, February 24, 2008

ordeals of motherhood

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This weekend turned out to be better than I thought....well, it some aspects. About 5 girls came over on Friday to watch The Martian Child and hang out. The movie was really sweet; I loved it (rent it). It was also nice to hang out; I just wish my best friend had been there (which I understand her not coming, we had talked about it previously). I do miss hanging out like we used to. But anyway, 2 girls stayed the night, too. And Moose slept well, so that was nice.
Big A got sick at manhood retreat. Poor guy. Food poisoning or the flu, hard to tell which. He seems better today.
Moose & I went to Ltown to have dinner with my family (by dinner, I mean lunch. Darn being married to a farmer's son). It was really nice to just talk to them and get to be with them. My little sister, Pookie, walked around the pavilion mall with Moose & I. We checked out prom dresses and ran into some girls from our hometown (one I graduated with).
We met my parents at Wal-mart and my dad walked around with me while my mom took the baby and Pookie to go play.
Poor Moose was so tired; he hadn't slept since around noon when we started up to Ltown. He was sitting in the shopping cart but was leaning so hard against the buckle that when I unbuckled him, he almost fell to the side. So I laid him down in the seat, but he never did sleep. I tried to get him to eat around 6 because it'd been since 3:30 since his last bottle. He was not interested much - had 3 bites of food and 2-3 ounces of formula. We went back inside to change his poop (I was not smelling that all the way home!) then we left. He was asleep by the time I went through the Wendy's drive-thru.
We got home, I unloaded the groceries, and took Moose inside. He sat in his carseat while I put away all of the groceries. He didn't want a bottle, so we did bathtime. That was so fun! I love bathtime with him. I put his jammies on him and we went back downstairs. But he was almost falling asleep by that time so I rocked him in his room and laid him down. He went down like a champ!
Not ten minutes later, I heard him throwing up and coughing. I ran up the stairs (probably the fastest I've ever moved); I was so afraid he would choke on it. He is just COVERED with it. His pajamas are soaked, his sheets are soaked, it's down the wall and on the floor. I didn't understand how there was so much when he hadn't eaten in basically hours (this was around 9:30). I was so freaked out. I pulled him out of the wet pajamas and called the hospital. While the nurse took my information, she had another call, so I got put on hold. I ran another bath for Moose so he wasn't so stinky.
After talking to the nurse and the on-call doctor, I was basically told to try to get him to keep down Pedialyte. If I was worried he was dehydrated, I could bring him in but unless he really was dehydrated, there wasn't anything they could do. I was so scared, I just felt so awful. And Big A wasn't home yet so I was completely alone. Then Moose fell back and his his head on our stairs, so he started bawling so hard when I was still talking to the nurse. Poor baby, that had to hurt so badly!
After we got a clean pair of pajamas on Moose, we laid in the recliner and waited for Big A to get home. I didn't go to sleep until almost midnight (which is really late for me) and woke up at 3:15. I checked on the baby; he was sleeping in a sheetless crib. I brought him to our room around 5:30 when he woke up. We all slept until almost 7.
We skipped church AGAIN this week. I'm tired of not going, but I understand if he does have the flu, if Big A has it too, we don't want to infect others. Later we may all go for a walk to just get outside since it's so nice.
I'm just afraid Moose will be dehydrated or that it won't be the flu and we'll all miss it....that I'll miss it. I just want him to feel better. How scary...

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