Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy 5th birthday, Squirt!!

Just when I recover from Moose's birthday, along come Squirt's birthday. Five years old this year. 

Five years since I labored you into this world. Five years your brother has been a big brother. Five years being a family of four. 

This year you have:

- exited from the world of preschool
- drawn Batman 8 million times (that's an approximation, of course)
- been to the ER once
- passed Level 1 and 2 in swimming lessons
- grown several inches
- tried many new foods (mostly in preschool)
- decided that one bed for you two boys is enough
- dressed up as several superheroes (usually in one day)

Squirt 2009
 Dear sweet boy who isn't a baby anymore either (or neither, as you would say),
 You have the most atrocious mood swings and angry faces. But I'm glad your moods swing both ways so we get to enjoy your laughing, your sweetness, your tenderness, and your love.
 Thank you for wanting to love God, for (mostly) obeying Dad and Mom, for trying to keep your brother from "danger," and for giving us those beautiful smiles and being crazy. Life would be a much duller shade without you.

Squirt 2014

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Linda said...

What a neat post. Love you guys!

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