Sunday, November 7, 2010

CSN Stores (upcoming review)

As we search for our very first home, one thing I look at is bathroom furniture. Something I've noticed in the houses we've lived in is that it's irritating when there are not enough shelving units or closet space for towels & extra TP.

Luckily, CSN Stores has exactly what you need in order to have a properly organized house. They have storage units designed for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, and even the kitchen. I've been eyeing some nice shelving units that are multi-purposeful: kids' toys, shoes, books, or DVDs. Right now we want to invest in a storage unit specifically for our children's growing DVD/VHS collection. That way when I want to watch Dirty Dancing I don't have to dig through Blue's Clues and Elmo's World.

CSN also has what you need to properly store your holiday decorations. Wrapping paper, gift bags, and other holiday decor often gets tossed in a closet or basement. Look to CSN Stores for your Christmas and holiday season decorating storage necessities.

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EmmaP said...

is this a chain store? i will need to see if there is one out here!

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